March 12, 2007

back from the dead

hey gang!
Well I figure enough has happend lately that I can now post something worth reading.
I am now living in my sister's house. It isn't that bad. She is vacationing for almost 2 weeks, the timing was good. I would have had to cat sit anyway. We are up to our earholes in boxes, but happy we didn't take that one place. At the last minute, literally I decided not to sign a lease at this one place. The apartment was just going to upset me everyday when I came home. When I went in the lady was vaccuming the brown shag carpet with a cig hanging out of her toothless mouth...NO F'N JOKE. So I politely declined the place.
I am now officially in the market to BUY...gulp. I met with my realator on Friday! How adult of me. I told my mother the news. She was a bit shocked, but said she was proud of me. awwwahhh! For being all domesticated and grown up. Who would have thought.. Not me that's for damn sure.
There are some prosects, not an over abundance in my price range. The idea is both horrifying and exciting all in one breath. I will be a homeowner. Now I have to deal with lawnmowers and property taxes. Misewell be speaking Klingong. I have a pretty good crew working on my side so I feel i won't make a wrong or rash choise.
Haeeyy How About that Weather,huh. It has been b-a-u-t-ful out the last few days! I actually got early the last few days too. Yesterday I spent mostly napping though. That's ok I needed that one day. J and I went to a wedding Saturday. J vommited on himself during the ceremony.then all over the steps, fell down the steps and continued to vomit all over the mens room at the church......
you ask how did this happen? Well the wedding was a 6:30 we started drinking at about 12:15. I was too drunk to drive to the weeding. Got a call at around 4 saying they needed empty beer cans to tie to the just married car. Sooo we had to make 12 PBR cans empty. We did it with the help of a couple other ppl. They had him and another guy go get bird seed after we got there. He apparently had some gin during this trip. Yeahhh so needless to say no one will forget that wedding! We left immediately after he gain consiousness and had a wonderful conversation after getting home. soo OHHH
My friend's Moon and Walker had a baby girl last night! She is healthy, happy, and nappy just like daddy. Congrats to them!!
That is pretty much it for now. Hope y'all are doing well...

February 21, 2007

And the Saga Continues

So i have been harassing all the good people of Indianapolis for months about a place to live. I still have not found one for me and the fella. I have the one last chance tomorrow at 5. This lady has a couple houses in a desirable neighborhood. I am still convienced that I will be moving in with my sister in the end. I have accepted our fate. This is not all bad though. She has a washer and dryer :) Do to tight money and her washer being on the fritz I have been wearing mismatched socks for a week. Now, if you know me this is silly. Normally the socks match the outfit, not they don't even match each other. ANyway, the sun is out and i got to have my sun roof open today. NO one I know died and I still have food to eat. So it is a pretty damn good day.
Not much is really going on at the moment. I am pretty much consumed every waking and dreaming moment by the housing stress. OHHHH
Ok I will tell you guys about this dream I had Monday morning. So I watched Cabin Fever early in the day then Ravenous moments before falling asleep. I had a dull weekend that was spent alone for the most part other than an aswesome goodwill scout. J and I had a conversation about one of his friends. He was arrested for like the 12 time (not the smarted cookie in the batch). I believe it was for shooting a pellet gun at a snowplow. Well I have this horrible non stop night terror.
I walk into the dark bedroom and the friend (we will call him Mames) jumps out of the closet. I am startled, but not arfaid of him. I ask him "what are you doing?" Then he pulls a giant knife from behind his back, "I am going to eat YOU!" I still am not afraid, he is dumb not scary. Well I make out the shape of his face and see the intense look. I am afraid now. He grabs me and throws me on the bed. He starts beating me up. I wake up when he stabs me. I try to rattle J and wake him up. He doesn't move. I look around then freaked out still, fall asleep. I am back in the dream as he is stabbing me! I can't believe it. I wake up again. J stires this time but still not enough to make me feel better. I sit for a bit then fall back asleep. I AM STABBED again! I wake up, j definately wakes this time. I get up and turn on all the lights. After some time I finally fall asleep. no more dream. crazy stuff. I should not watch scary movies before bed again. The dumb thingis that the movie didn't scare me, it was pretty funny.
Yeahppp that is the most interesting thing right now.

February 12, 2007

Cry baby cry, make your mother...

seriously, please let me find a place to live.
PLEASE!! i'm sorry jesus for all the bad things i said about you...pleasaassssseeee
Don't let it be dirty, scary, or expensive.
I am so upset right now I can't even stand it. I was up all last night b/c of this crap!
I have 1 week to get out of my apt and I have no place to move. I mean I can always stay at my sister's but that is like taking 800 steps in reverse.
i donno what to do. I feel like someone kicked me and my dog in the stomach. (if i had a dog)
everytime i think i have something it is ripped away. rented out from underneath me, a farse with fresh paint, or way out of the price range. Or worse, scary as hell. (Gulp) and dirty!
I want to stay downtown. I love it here. I love my apartment now! it is just too small and they don't have anyting bigger.
oh god i can feel the gray hairs exploding out of my head.

February 05, 2007

Go colts and shit

So the COLTS did it! Yeahhh!
But here is a little news story that might slip through the cracks.....
The title is : Bush sends Congress $2.90T spending plan
That T stands for Trillion. That is a real number?!?!?! I like how they didn't want to seem greedy and round up to 3 Trillion even.

Bush's spending plan would make his first-term tax cuts permanent, at a cost of $1.6 trillion over 10 years. He is seeking $78 billion in savings in the government's big health care programs — Medicare and Medicaid — over the next five years.
Release of the budget in four massive volumes kicks off months of debate in which Democrats, now in control of both the House and Senate for the first time in Bush's presidency, made clear that they have significantly different views on spending and taxes.
"The president's budget is filled with debt and deception, disconnected from reality and continues to move America in the wrong direction," said Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D.
The president insisted that he had made the right choices to keep the nation secure from terrorist threats and the economy growing.
"My formula for a balanced budget reflects the priorities of our country at this moment in its history: protecting the homeland and fighting terrorism, keeping the economy strong with low taxes and keeping spending under control while making federal programs more effective," Bush said.
Just as Iraq has come to dominate Bush's presidency, military spending was a major element in the president's new spending request. Bush was seeking a
Pentagon budget of $624.6 billion for 2008, more than one-fifth of the total budget, up from $600.3 billion in 2007. For the first time, the Pentagon figures include what Bush wants to spend to fight the Iraq war, money that in past years was put in supplemental appropriations rather than the regular budget.
Bush projected a deficit in the current year of $244 billion, just slightly lower than last year's $248 billion imbalance. For 2008, the budget year that begins next Oct. 1, Bush sees another slight decline in the deficit to $239 billion with further steady improvement over the next three years until the budget records a surplus of $61 billion in 2012, three years after Bush has left office.
Democrats, however, challenged those projections, contending that Bush only achieves a surplus by leaving out the billions of dollars Congress is expected to spend to keep the alternative minimum tax from ensnaring millions of middle-class taxpayers. His budget includes an AMT fix only for 2008.
Bush projects government spending in 2008 of $2.90 trillion, a 4.9 percent increase from the $2.78 trillion in outlays the administration is projecting for this year. However, the administration notes that the 2007 total is only an estimate, given that Congress is still working to complete a massive omnibus spending bill to cover most agencies for the rest of this fiscal year.
To help achieve what would be the government's first surplus since 2001, Bush is proposing $95.9 billion in savings in mandatory spending, the part of the budget that includes the big benefit programs of Social Security and health care.
Medicare, which provides health insurance for 43 million older and disabled Americans, would see the bulk of those savings — reductions of $66 billion over five years. That would come about primarily by slowing the growth of payments to health care providers.
Additional savings would be achieved by charging higher income Medicare beneficiaries bigger monthly premiums.
While Bush said something had to be done to get control of spiraling health care costs, Congress refused to go along last year with Bush's effort for smaller reductions in Medicare.
Bush would seek to eliminate or sharply reduce 141 government programs for a five-year savings of $12 billion. But many of those reductions he has proposed in past budgets — only to see them rejected by Congress.
Bush once listed overhauling Social Security as the No. 1 domestic priority of his second term. But his effort two years ago to accomplish this goal by diverting some Social Security taxes into private investment accounts went nowhere in Congress. He included the private accounts again in this year's budget. But to minimize the impact, he only showed the program taking effect in 2012, when the private accounts would cost $29.3 billion.
The president's budget also includes an initiative to expand health care coverage to the uninsured through a complex proposal that would give every family a $15,000 tax deduction for purchasing health coverage but would make current employee-supplied health coverage taxable for certain taxpayers.
Bush is also proposing to increase the maximum Pell grant, which goes to low-income students, from the current $4,050 to $4,600. Democrats are pushing for even larger increases.
Bush's energy proposals would expand use of ethanol and other renewable fuels with a goal of cutting gasoline use by 20 percent over the next decade.

January 31, 2007

Random Thought of the day

I want to name my new tortoise Short Round.

January 24, 2007

Men, set your tasers to stun.......

I pulled this from article.

Plasma clouds, microwave beams, electrified bullets—military contractors have been developing futuristic new combat technologies under the public radar. Already, the TASER stun gun has emerged from the pages of speculative fiction, and into the hands of military, corrections, and law enforcement personnel (See “Stunning Revelations,” November 2006). But stun technology is just one tool in the arsenal for developers of proposed “non-lethal” weapons.

For the past several years, Taser International, Inc. has been testing products with the military market in mind. Most recently it has been working on Tasernet, a weapon it describes as a “non-lethal area denial and force protection system.” In October, the Taser Remote Area Denial (T-RAD) concept was officially unveiled at the annual United States Army meeting in Washington, D.C.
When used in tandem with what Taser bills as the “companion computer networking system,” Tasernet, the defensive weaponry amounts to a “Star Trek”-style forcefield, stunning uninvited guests. Tasernet can capture digital facial scans, allowing authorized users through the forcefield. According to Taser’s press release, the T-RAD, based on the Taser X26 core technology, is “designed to be deployed at checkpoints, facility perimeters, embassies, airports, and other critical infrastructures.” The weapon is expected to be ready for deployment in 2008.

In July, three inventors applied for a U.S. patent on research that would enable the creation of wire-free, “piezoelectric” stun guns. (Piezoelectric crystals generate voltage in response to mechanical vibrations—”piezo” means “push” in Greek.) In their patent application, the inventors explain that their invention would create darts containing an explosive charge, which detonate upon contact with pierced skin. The guns could be used from a distance of nearly 500 feet.
In September 2005, the U.S. Correctional Special Operations Group (U.S. C-SOG) and the Australia-based Harrington Group also announced an agreement to develop weapons capable of introducing a piezoelectric charge to “traditional ammunition and other projectiles such as rubber bullets,” according to a jointly issued press release. With a patent pending, the two companies have trademarked the weapon technology under the name “ShockRounds.”
U.S. C-SOG is a corrections training firm specializing in emergency tactical operations for penal institutions; it boasts of having relationships with more than 4,000 correctional institutions in 14 countries. The companies describe ShockRounds as a “safe, less-lethal” product designed to provide correctional employees with a new way to subdue inmates and to quell “serious crowd disturbances and threat situations.”

Raytheon, based in Palo Alto, Calif., is also testing numerous “non-lethal” weapons for military use, with funding from the National Institute of Justice. According to FOIA documents obtained by the U.S. Sunshine Project (, Raytheon’s Pulsed Energy Projectiles (PEPs) fire a laser burst of expanding plasma—a collection of charged particles containing equal parts positive ions and electrons. (In science fiction terms, this could best be described as a “raygun.”)
PEPs can be used from as far as two kilometers away, and are designed to create severe and debilitating pain resulting in temporary paralysis. Of particular concern is the fact that PEPs, apparently ready for use as early as 2007, are being investigated for use against “rioters,” according to the British science magazine New Scientist.
And an Anderson, Ind.-based company, Xtreme Alternative Defense Systems (XADS), is marketing their Close Quarters Shock Rifle to the military. The Shock Rifle projects plasma toward a target, and can be used for shutting down the ignition systems of vehicles, as well as for crowd control.
According to a New Scientist interview with XADS president Peter Bitar, the weapon can fire “a stream of electricity like water out of a hose at one or many targets in a single sweep.” An even more advanced form of the weapon may have a range of more than 300 feet. New Scientist noted that this version would utilize a tabletop-sized laser to produce an intense pulse that would ionize the air itself. The process would produce “long, thread-like filaments of glowing plasma that [could] be sustained by repeating the pulse every few milliseconds.” The effect would be one of a shock similar to that of one of Taser’s 50,000-volt stun guns.

Raytheon is also pursuing a microwave-technology-based weapon, named the Active Denial System (ADS), which fires a 95-gigahertz beam at its targets. Thus far, what is known about ADS is that people hit by the weapon’s beam experience a sharp rise in body heat and severe pain within five seconds of contact, an experience that is supposed to prompt targets to run in the other direction. A vehicle-mounted version of the weapon is already being designed for use in Iraq, while other portable versions are being designed for both U.S. Marine Corps and domestic law enforcement use.
A 2005 Reuters article noted that tests of the weapon have taken place at the Kirtland Air Force base in Albuquerque, N.M. As a part of those tests, researchers first made sure that participants removed all glasses, contact lenses and metal objects like keys, to prevent serious injury—of course, the conditions of real-world use are less controlled.
“How do you ensure that the dose doesn’t cross the threshold for permanent damage?” asked Neil Davison, coordinator of the non-lethal weapons research project at Britain’s Bradford University, in the Reuters article. Notably, one controlled test in New Mexico has already resulted in serious injury to a test subject, apparently after a higher-than-normal ADS power level setting was used.

“Non-lethal” is still the operative term with all of these new weapons, but civilian experience with Taser stun guns shows that “non-lethal” means “usually not lethal.” Since 2001, roughly 200 people have died after being stunned with Tasers. Taser International, Inc., attributes all of the deaths to other causes, including acute intoxication and “excited delirium.” The U.S. Department of Justice has launched an investigation to review some of those deaths.
The rapid evolution of electricity-based weaponry raises concerns for abuse by governments and law enforcement agencies that have already demonstrated a propensity to use electrical shock weaponry as a form of torture.
During a March 2005 debate with Taser CEO Rick Smith, Amnesty International USA’s William Schulz pointed out that “stun technology in general is one of the most widely used instruments of torture around the world.”
Human rights advocates everywhere should bear that in mind. The new wave of shock technology isn’t just around the corner—it’s already here.
Thanks to the Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund for research support.

January 10, 2007

Back with vengeance

I am back for now.
I hate Comcast, they are a crappy cable company with the worst customer service ethics I have ever encountered!
Stever Burke CEO of Comcast, if I ever see you on the street I will kick you square in the shin.

Ahhhmmm now that that is out of my system. On to me.
I am in love. I am looking for a larger dwelling to hold all of my stuff and the stuff of the love.
I have been going to a lot of concerts and eating a lot of yogurt. Both do the body good.

As of last night I have officially wrote my first song. I am writing a rock opera. Yeah cool huh!
Think Tommy on PCP and Mel Brooks cockfighting in a shoe box. That doesn't explain the rock opera but is a pretty funny mental image.
The love, well ok since we are all friend his name is Jarred. Jarred is helping me with music portion. I am just now learning to play guitar and read music. (fuck i just got yogurt on my shirt) That whole thing started b/c Jarred needed me to play a part in one of his songs. So I thought it would be better if I knew what I was doing. Funny that now I am having him play my songs. Really he just plays something then I yay or nay it. Then I attempt to get the sound out of my mouth in a form that he can understand. That is pretty hard. Like when you try to tell you mechanic what noise your car is making. Makes no sense until you hear it for yourself.
We seem to work very well as a team. I want to share the idea of rock opera with you, but there might be ease droppers. Sneaky bastards have been stealing my ideas and putting them in Mountain Dew commercials for years. Not this one.. you hear me NOT THIS ONE!
I will say that it will not be for everyone. It will however be highly entertaining for the select people that get it. I am very excited about it. I jumped in the car and drove across town to Jarred's work last night to tell him all about it. I almost choked on my sub I was talking so fast.
I am going to really try to not flake on this. I do that alot with most of my ideas. That is why I was hesitant to mention it to anyone. I think that it might be good enough to see through. I will however need lots of help. How many girls to you think it would take to make a descent chorus line? hmmm I am thinking 5-7. Anyway One thing at a time Cinnamon.
So that pretty much is it. I hate my job i hate Comcast Cable Company i love my boyfriend and i love yogurt. yep that is it.
hope ya'll are swell :)

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